Toyota 70 Series Basic Coil Conversion Kit (Export Only)


JMACX the world’s original and number one trusted in 70 Series coil conversions
Improved handling and towing
Direct bolt in coil conversion kit (no mods needed)
Corrects vehicle track
Heavy duty upgrade
Axle load increase to 2850 Kg

Kit includes:

fully welded, bolt in coil conversion cradle and side plates
track correction heavy duty 6mm fabricated coil conversion diff housing with chromoly spindles
heavy duty full float 300M axles with drive plates and end caps
sway bar and sway bar links
lower and upper trailing arms
rear panhard
tower mounts
brake tube/hose
fitting bolts and brackets

Buy the basic coil conversion kit or start with the kit and option additional suspension components.
Contact International Sales for more information.
See our full suspension options at GVM Upgrades.



Does this coil conversion suit all 70 Series variants?

This Coil conversion kit is compatible with 70 Series Landcruisers (VDJ model 2007-2022, as well as current J70 model from Sept 2022+ including the new 2024 Facelift variant):

  • Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab
  • Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab
  • Toyota Landcruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier
  • Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series Wagon

Note: This kit is not compatible with “Prado” import variant Toyota Landcruisers. Confirm your vehicle details with our International Sales Team.
Of these vehicle models above, this kit also suits:

  • Right and left hand drive vehicles
  • Rear drum brake or disc brake vehicles
  • Vehicles with or without DPF (Diesel particulate filter)
  • Vehicles with or without ANCAP bracing
  • Vehicles with or without ABS
  • Diesel or petrol models
  • Vehicles with differing lift heights


Why does the JMACX bolt in coil conversion use the 5 link suspension system?

The biggest advantage to the 5 link suspension set-up is its load carrying stability from the REAR PANHARD (the 5th link). This 5th link allows the rear differential to stay fixed and stabilised when cornering or with any side load on the vehicle, without this rear panhard the differential would be able to move freely side to side from the chassis this would be suitable for light vehicles with low centre of gravity, rock crawling 4wd or a drag car that needs to only go in a straight line. However when it comes to a heavy load carrying vehicle this would not be safe as it would not be able to support the side load on the suspension set-up hence where the 5 link came out on top. The 70 series is a load carrying vehicle with a high centre of gravity so the rear panhard is a must to keep the suspension centred and assist in the stability and safety of the vehicle.

Should I have the highest rear axle load rating on the market?

While some other businesses may rerate axles at a higher capacity this can lead to excessive weight loading on the rear of the vehicle. With excessive leverage there is stress on the chassis springs and lack of control over the front of the vehicle diminishing the safety and stability of your vehicle. The weight proportioning and distribution of your vehicle should be balanced between the front and rear axle. In some cases bigger isn’t better. This JMACX 2850Kg rear axle load rating is more than adequate to ensure the balance of safety and stability for your vehicle.

How strong are the upgraded differential and axles?

The JMACX differential housings are full fabricated units that exceed the strength of the factory original unit. JMACX axles are the strongest production manufactured axle for Toyota Landcruiser available. 100% Australian made and designed.

Does the wide track diff correct the rear vehicle track?

Yes. Factory vehicles have a width difference from the front to the rear axle of 100mm. The JMACX coil conversion comes with a wide track diff as a track correction of the vehicle and increases the stability of the vehicle.

Can I install it myself?

Installation should be completed by someone competent and experienced.

What about Engineering?

Engineering documentation can be provided to your certifying engineer if required.

Do the upgrades contain parts that are custom and maybe difficult to find?

Our diffs maintain all factory brakes, hubs, bearings, seals, diff lockers etc. Most parts maintain OEM Toyota bushes, so parts can be easily accessible anywhere in the world.

Can I have a custom colour?

We offer custom colour for Coil Conversion cradles and radius arms. Coil conversion cradles come standard as satin black finish, for no extra charge choose from our colour range.

Where have you exported these coil conversion kits?

These coil conversion kits have been exported all over the world, including South Africa, Namibia, Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Interest is growing and expanding with influx of the 2024 Facelift variants on the market.