VDS Sheet Leaf GVM

Front Spring

Please note these measurements are finished heights and should be measured upon vehicle completion. If Vehicle measurements are out of specifications as outlined in the reference above, the measurements will need to meet the specifications by 500Km check. This allows for a measure of settling in the suspension components. Please note in comment if the measurements were taken before or after bull bar fitment.

Rear Spring

Was The Vehicle Fitted With?

Please Upload A Photo Of The Front, Side And Rear Of The Vehicle

No larger than 2MB

If Vehicle Has Chassis Extension Fitted Please Fill Out The Below

Installer to Complete

  • If any instructions/directions are unclear regarding work procedure DO NOT proceed. Contact JMACX for further clarification.
  • Information & parts are supplied in commercial confidence. Only JMACX authorised parts may be used.
  • Rust proofing must be completed thoroughly and correctly.
  • Any failure involving workmanship is the installers responsibility. If rectification works are required this may incur towing costs to a workshop location of JMACX’s choice. JMACX reserves the right to choose the workshop to complete the rectifications.
  • Failure to provide requested documentation will result in discontinuation of work as a JMACX approved installer.

acknowledge that the install/welding procedure has been followed as set out in JMACX approved fitting instructions. Any persons who have completed works on this vehicle have been trained appropriately and is certified in the particular fields required. I/we confirm that the information given above is true and correct.