JMACX Track Correction Leaf Diff Drum Variant (Export Only)

  • Suits 70 Series Drum Brake Vehicles (Overseas Export Only) 
  • Stronger 6mm fabricated Housing with Chromoly spindles, stronger than OEM
  • Full CNC machine finished to guarantee trueness and straightness of finished product
  • Full float heavy duty 300M axles
  • Sway Bar Compatible
  • Factory Electric Locker Compatible
  • Direct Bolt In replacement (no modifications needed)
  • Corrects Vehicle Track
  • Comes with extended brake line and handbrake extensions


For Disc Brake models please see this product JMACX Track Correction Leaf Diff Housing

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$ 6,200.00 Exl GST

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This Product is our Heavy Duty Diff Upgrade for 70 Series V8 Landcruiser (VDJ model 2007-2022, as well as current J7 model from Sept 2022+) with leaf rear suspension. The JMACX upgraded diff housing also has an engineered certified axle load rating of 3000kg and this is the most important part, don’t be fooled by high stated axle load ratings that don’t represent real world use. 3000kg more than exceeds the vehicle’s capabilities that are required without going to a 6×6 conversion. JMACX are the largest manufacturer in the world for Landcruiser differentials, supplying to armoured and heavy vehicles around the world.

These leaf differential housing kits provide the increased axle load to increase carrying capacity and also correct the vehicle track providing greater rideability and stability.

Contact International Sales for more information.




  • Stronger 6mm fabricated Housing with increased axle tube trusses and 6mm brackets with Chromoly spindles which are far stronger than the OEM items
  • Full CNC machine finished to guarantee trueness and straightness of finished product – this is a process that no other manufacturer offers
  • Load rating of this diff exceeds the requirement of GVM Upgrades up to 4495Kg GVM
  • Full float heavy duty axles
  • Sway Bar Compatible
  • Factory Electric Locker Compatible
  • Direct Bolt In (No Mods Needed)
  • Corrects Vehicle Track
  • Suits Drum Brake Models
  • Comes with extended brake line & handbrake extensions
  • Heavy Duty Chromoly 300M full floating axles with drive plates, the strongest available axle on the market
  • Package comes with: 1 x Upgraded Diff Housing – Standard Powder-coated (Black),1 x Upgraded Axle Kit – Full Float Axles, 2 x Drive Plates, 2 x End Caps, 1 Kit x Extended Brake Line & Handbrake
  • Extensions
  • Extras needed for Installation: 1 x Diff centre gasket, 2 x Genuine Toyota axle seals, approximately 3½ litres oil (as per OEM spec)
  • 100% Australian Manufactured
  • National Australia wide network for product support


Click Here to Download Installation Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Diff available for my standard leaf spring V8 Landcruiser?

Yes JMACX manufactures a leaf diff and axle upgrade kit that addresses increased axle load rating, track correction and stronger axles.

Does this drum type leaf diff suit all 70 Series vehicles with Drum brakes and leaf springs?

This Leaf Diff (drum variant) is compatible with 70 Series Landcruisers (VDJ model 2007-2022, as well as current J70 model from Sept 2022+):

  • Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab
  • Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab
  • Toyota Landcruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier
  • Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series Wagon


Of these vehicle models above, this kit also suits:


  • Right and left hand drive vehicles
  • Vehicles with or without DPF (Diesel particulate filter)
  • Vehicles with or without ANCAP bracing
  • Vehicles with or without ABS
  • Diesel or petrol models
  • Vehicles with differing lift heights


This kit is not compatible with “Prado” import variant Toyota Landcruisers. Confirm your vehicle details with our International Sales Team.


Can I install it myself?

Installation should be completed by someone competent and experienced.

What about Engineering?

Engineering documentation can be provided to your certifying engineer if required.

Does the kit contain parts that are custom and maybe difficult to obtain?

No, the diff housing maintains all OEM brakes, seals and hubs. You can obtain replacement and service parts from Toyota directly or any parts supplier.

What if I break an axle?

JMACX axles are the strongest production manufactured axle for Toyota Landcruiser available. If one is broken they can be sourced directly from JMACX.

How long does it take to install?

The Leaf Diff installation can usually can be completed in 5-6 hours.

Does this rear differential correct the rear vehicle track?

Yes. Factory vehicles have a width difference from the front to the rear axle of 100mm. The JMACX rear leaf diff is a wide track diff offering track correction of the vehicle increasing the stability of the vehicle.