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Engineering by design not by name

JMACX is the innovator and industry leader when it comes to coil conversions and GVM upgrades for the ultimate Landcruiser.  Giving you the strongest coil conversion on the market with unrivalled stability and handling.

GVM Upgrades

GVM upgrades for a growing range of high performance work, touring & off road vehicles.

Armoured Division

JMACX Armoured Division delivers unparalleled, made to specification special purpose vehicles.

4x4 Upgrades Shop

Browse our selection of high quality 4×4 & 6×6 vehicle upgrades and accessories.

About The JMACX Difference

GVM Upgrades for Touring & Towing
GVM Upgrades
Coil Conversions

Setting the standards for GVM upgrades, coil conversions & 4x4 accessories across Australia.

JMACX was originally founded on a dedicated desire to improve the ride, stability & load capacity of Australia’s most loved series of vehicles. Leading the way in Australian manufacturing of high quality vehicle components.

Our customers benefit from a passionate team that delivers unsurpassed build quality and customer service. JMACX are the innovators of the 70 series coil conversion and chassis extensions. With a patent design (IP2020202596) JMACX has always been at the forefront of coil conversions for others to follow.

The JMACX brand is expanding to include other vehicles such as:

  • RAM 1500
  • Ford Ranger
  • Landcruiser 200, 300 series
  • Toyota Hilux

Upgrading armoured/emergency/rescue service vehicles gives JMACX a unique edge that you won’t find anywhere else. This scope also includes high GVM touring and work vehicles.

Vehicle Weight Calculator

GVM, BTC, GCM and Axel loads. You need to know why these are so important. You
have more than likely heard these terms before. But what do they actually mean and how do they affect your vehicle?

Good Reasons To Choose JMACX

You’ll get the benefit of our expertise with thousands of completed coil conversions & suspension systems fitted in commercial, military, outback tourers and work vehicles.

Our experience combined with millions of kilometres driven in some of the worlds harshest conditions shows that our patented GVM kit has proven itself to go above and beyond.

Outstanding Quality

Our GVM upgrades have the highest Axle load rating in Australia.  This allows you to practically load and use the full potential of your vehicle’s GVM upgrade.

Unparalleled Design

JMACX really is the industry leader in GVM upgrades, coil conversions, 6×6 conversions & 4wd suspension systems. Our customers receive the strongest coil conversion on the market backed by full engineering & certification.

Proven Over Millions of KMs

Our track record speaks for itself. Our customers have driven millions of combined KMs on our GVM upgrades.

Unrivalled Handling & Stability

Our customers know the difference in stability and handling. It’s one thing to be able to carry a load, but to have the ability to do it with ultimate comfort and control is an objective that JMACX continually striving for.

JMACX Customer Reviews

We're proud of our products & the quality of our service

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We appreciate being informed of the latest updates and we appreciate being informed of the latest updates and developments in high quality GVM upgrades, coil conversions & 4×4 accessories. So if you like to know when we’re having a sale or get informed about changes in legislation, sign up below. We promise you’ll only receive high quality information that we would appreciate.

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