JMACX Offroad Solutions is an Australian Manufacturing Business excelling in Engineered Solutions to build your ultimate vehicle.


JMACX Offroad Solutions was originally founded by Jason McIntosh who wanted to achieve better suspension and driveability of his leaf suspension Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series. His familiarity with coil spring vehicles sparked a desire to achieve coil spring suspension with the Landcruiser 70 series range. 

It was apparent there was a lack of solutions for different suspension types and heavy duty components. With Jason’s background in engineering and familiarity with the industry he invested thousands of hours into research and development and became the innovator, designer and manufacturer of the worlds’ first ever bolt-in coil conversion for 70 Series Landcruisers. 

While others have tried other design methods the innovative design of the JMACX bolt in coil conversion has achieved the desired ride comfort, load carrying and offroad capability on one of the most iconic 4×4 vehicle platforms in history.

JMACX is known for providing comfort & stability in a load carrying vehicle.

JMACX ensures all coil conversions and other suspension systems have full legal federal government Australian Second Stage Manufacture (SSM) approval with full engineering and for JMACX Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades for registered vehicles. 

JMACX has managed to deliver Australia’s largest Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) increases with the appropriate axle load ratings for Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series (including leaf suspension GVM’s, coil conversions, the 4495GVM and 6×6 up to 5800GVM), 200 Series, 300 Series, and more recently Dodge Ram 1500DS. Dodge Ram 1500DT is in development.  For details about each GVM available visit our GVM UPGRADES page. 

From JMACX Offroad Solutions initial concept to provide a bolt-in coil conversion to the unbelievable growth of JMACX Offroad Solutions with over 30 authorised installation facilities in Australia these GVM upgrades have proven to be a popular choice. With the easy installation method (no welding required) and worldwide shipping options, JMACX has delivered thousands of coil conversions here in Australia and exported internationally.

These vehicles have stood the test of time driving millions of combined kilometres in some of the worlds’ harshest conditions. These kits have proven to go above and beyond and become the worlds’ number one coil conversion kit.  

Outstanding Build Quality

You won't find better quality GVM & 4x4 products in Australia.

Proof over Millions of KMs

Our products are dependable & designed to last.

Talented Installers

Our team is hand picked for dedication & experience.

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Why JMACX chose the 5 link suspension system:

The 5 link suspension system has been used by all major vehicle companies for many years now for example:

  • TOYOTA – Landcruiser 80/100/105/200/300 Series
  • Hilux 4 Runner
  • NISSAN – NP300, Patrol GQ/GU, Y62, Pathfinder
  • DODGE RAM – 1500DS, 1500DT
  • FORD – F150, Ranger Raptor
  • SUZUKI – Jimny
  • MERCEDES – G Wagon

The 5 link system has been tested and proven by all the major vehicle manufacturers as the ultimate geometry set-up for this type of vehicle.

The biggest advantage to the 5 link suspension set-up is its load carrying stability from the REAR PANHARD (the 5th link). This allows the rear differential to stay fixed and stabilised when cornering or with any side load on the vehicle. Without this rear panhard the differential would be able to move freely side to side from the chassis this would be suitable for light vehicles with low centre of gravity, rock crawling 4wd or a drag car that needs to only go in a straight line.

However when it comes to a heavy load carrying vehicle this would not be safe as it would not be able to support the side load on the suspension set-up hence where the 5 link came out on top. The 70 series is a load carrying vehicle with a high centre of gravity so the rear Panhard is a must to keep the suspension centred and assist in the stability and safety of the vehicle.

JMACX 5 Link Suspension System | Top View
JMACX 5 Link Suspension System | Top View
JMACX 5 Link Suspension System | Side View
JMACX 5 Link Suspension System | Side View

Why JMACX didn't chose the 4 link suspension system:

The 4 link Suspension system was another common geometry set-up that we looked at in the beginning however it had some major draw backs when it came to applying it on a 70 series land cruiser. Here is why Referencing straight from the BOSCH Automotive Engineering Handbook Version 7 – 9 on what is needed.

The basis of what is considered appropriate is based upon stability and other kinematic effects on the road handling of the vehicle.

4 link suspension system are acceptable in the correct circumstances and with the correct application of the engineering to ensure stability of the systems.  The basic 4 link suspension system is designed for certain applications which are generally of high articulation applications (rock crawling off-road vehicles, high monster truck types, performance cars, hotrods or very rigid suspension applications).

The following are the critical design aspects for 4 link systems:

  • Link lengths
  • Instant centre (intersection point)
  • Anti-squat geometry percentage
  • Axle angle change

Note: Intersection Point is a very important aspect and provides the balance to the system.

With regards to running the 4 link setup on a 70 series Landcruiser, it is not possible to run triangulated lower control arms as the diff centre is not centralised meaning you will have to use straight lower control arms this setup is far from ideal for a road going vehicle. The system should ideally be a double triangulated setup with both upper and lower control arms at opposing angels to ensure that the system can be centred at all times.

With a straight lower control arm, the axle housing is able to laterally traverse under heavy load cornering, or indeed towing (ie: will try and maintain its original track and then dynamically release to follow the vehicle and as such causes a significant amount of instability and can be catastrophic if coupled with a incorrectly loaded trailer).

4 Link Suspension System | Rear View
4 Link Suspension System | Rear View
4 Link Suspension System | Top View
4 Link Suspension System | Top View

GVM Upgrades

Our GVM upgrades have the highest Axle load rating in Australia.  This allows you to practically load and use the full potential of your vehicle’s GVM upgrade.