70 Series Stainless Steel Airbox

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JMACX’s Stainless Steel Airbox for the 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser provides maximum airflow and engine efficiency while preventing damage from dust and water intake

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A correctly functioning airbox on your 4WD is essential for supplying clean air to the engine, optimising the combustion process and preventing engine wear and damage. Combining function with performance, JMACX’s 79 Series Stainless Steel Airbox has been designed for maximum airflow and efficiency. This means a potential increase in power and fuel economy.

JMACX’s 79 Series Airbox is built to house a flat paper filter 1.3 times larger than standard. Unlike many airboxes on the market, JMACX’s Airbox uses a raised and tapered lid to increase the total air capacity, and as a result maximise airflow and filtration by utilising the entire surface area of the larger filter.

Thick 304 grade stainless steel keeps the airbox structurally rigid when exposed to heat and water, while two bolts and a spring-hinge maintain tension around the seal and allow easy access to the filter. Manufactured in Australia and built to last, JMACX’s Series Airbox offers maximum airflow and performance without compromising on effective filtration to keep your Landcruiser’s engine in peak condition.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 20 cm

Brushed, Matte Black Powder Coat