Torqit Module Map 70 Series DPF / Ford Ranger

$1,990.00 inc GST

Boost your vehicles power and torque with Torqit’s Module Map solution. A remote, customised remap which gives you access to 3 files. Powerful, reliable, and safe.

  • Suits All Landcruiser DPF 2016-2021 Pre J7/Radar Models – 79 Series Dual Cab, 79 Series Single Cab, 78 Series Troop Carrier, 76 Series Wagon
  • Suits All Ranger PXII, PXIII
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Performance Gain: 50KW / 142NM

Access the full potential of your vehicle with Torqit’s fast, powerful ECU programming solution – Module Map. Remotely tuned by Torqit’s software technicians, Module Map safely calibrates and optimises your vehicle’s factory settings from the comfort of your driveway. Each tune is completely customised to your vehicle’s modifications, such as tyres, snorkel, weight and more. Feel the instant increase in power and torque, and get rid of sluggish performance with the ultimate Module Map solution – powerful, flexible, and safe. All backed by a 5-year product warranty.

  • Boost power and torque for an overall increase in performance
  • Choose between three tunes instead of one permanent tune
  • Return your vehicle to stock performance at any time
  • Install in less than 30 minutes with simple plug-in software, and let Torqit’s software technicians do the rest
  • Keep your Landcruiser safe and reliable with a tune that does not exceed the safety parameters or push it beyond its limits
  • Instead of being locked into one permanent tune, Torqit’s Module Map gives you three tunes for total control over your vehicle’s performance.
  • Cruise mode: ideal for everyday driving and towing heavy loads
  • Sport mode: gives you maximum power and torque
  • Standard Mode: a copy of the ECU, which returns your vehicle to stock performance


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