Ram 1500 DS Brake Upgrade 8 Pot Callipers, Sports Pads and Slotted Rotors

$3,990.00 inc GST

  • Suits 20 inch wheel minimum
  • 8 Piston Callipers & Sports Pads And 380 X 32mm Slotted Rotors To Suit Ram 1500 Ds




JMACX has designed a complete solution to upgrade the Ram 1500 DS factory braking system. Supplied with high performance brake pads and slotted rotors to reduce glazing and brake fade via heat dissipation.  The JMACX Ram 1500 DS brake upgrade kit has completed all strength analysis and ADR testing.  Designed to achieve superior braking results for everyday driving, GVM upgrades and towing. Manufactured with a secondary internal dust seal to limit contamination of the brake fluid and scoring of the pistons. Our pistons are stainless steel and NOT alloy which increases longevity and likelihood of premature servicing.

Covered by JMACX 12 months 20,000km standard limited Warranty *Excludes labour & maintenance items such as brake pads, rotors and fluids.  All modifications to braking systems are subject to a compulsory modification plate.  Please check with your state or territory laws before installing the JMACX kit.  Full ADR engineering can be provided to the signing engineer or the department of transport.


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 25 cm

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