Just Autos 300 Series Heat Exchanger Upgrade

$2,995.00 inc GST

The Just Autos FJA300 heat exchanger upgrade has been designed to work seamlessly with the existing water-to-air cooling systems that come stock standard with the 300 Series Land Cruiser.

  • Maintain Power and Toque Underload
  • 54% Reduction in Temperature
  • 2-3 Week Lead Time
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The factory-standard intercooler and cooling systems of the Toyota 300 Series Land Cruiser are adequate, but in demanding circumstances, the engine reaches high temperatures that force the factory ECU to under-fuel the engine in an effort to protect itself, resulting in reduced power and torque at the wheels – which makes for poor towing and sluggish responsiveness from your FJA300. What’s more, the existing intercoolers on the 300 Series are quite small, making them prone to heat soak.

The heat exchanger upgrade is the perfect solution to this issue, factoring in seamlessly with the existing cooling components, providing additional water-to-air cooling capabilities and drastically increasing the existing components’ cooling capacity.


54% Reduction in Temperature

A hot engine is an unhappy one, and exposing your 300 Series engine to intense heat for an extended period
of time can wreak havoc on both your performance and your engine’s integrity.

Maintained NM Figures

Stable intake cooling temperatures mean no loss in power or torque outputs.

Ideal for 4WD Towing Enthusiasts

Tow and tour like never before without putting your engine at risk.

Safer for You & Your Engine

The heat exchanger keeps your engine running cool in strenuous driving environments.


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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 20 cm