Landcruiser 78 Troopy Non DPF Metal Dash Pedal Torq

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Get more power faster with a wireless throttle controller that eliminates engine lag. The Pedal Torq Plus improves your Toyota 78 Series 4.5L Landcruiser accelerator response via Bluetooth technology, making for smoother gear changes and quicker overtakes.

Landcruiser 78 Troopy Non DPF Metal Dash Pedal Torq
Landcruiser 78 Troopy Non DPF Metal Dash Pedal Torq

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A refined version of the Pedal Torq, this completely wireless throttle controller improves throttle response by modifying the signal sent to your Landcruiser’s ECU. Controlled via Bluetooth with our Torqit Connect app, its adjustable settings allow you to fine-tune the 78 Series 4.5L, Landcruiser accelerator to match your driving preferences.

Does your vehicle feel slow and sluggish when towing or carrying heavy roads? The Pedal Torq Plus will give you total control over the accelerator, eliminate throttle lag, and reduce engine strain. Ideal for heavy vehicles with upgrades, towing, and standard vehicles experiencing lag, the Pedal Torq Plus creates a smoother driving experience and helps you optimise your vehicle’s response straight off the mark.

The Pedal Torq Plus is the ultimate set-and-forget unit, providing you with eight different driving profiles to complement any driving style and terrain. It transforms your vehicle’s response when towing and on-road and improves traction in any off-road situation, whether on the sand, soft dirt, rocks, or mud. With adjustable settings in each mode, you have total control over the level of throttle response required for your driving style and terrain.

As the first Bluetooth throttle controller in Australia, the Pedal Torq Plus is wirelessly operated via the Torqit Connect App. Designed in Australia and manufactured in Germany; the Torqit App provides ongoing updates to guarantee your vehicle is always fitted with the most recent technology.

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