200 Series Alpha Suspension Lift Kit

$8,379.40 inc GST

Looking to take your 200 Series to next level of ride and comfort while lifting your vehicle we have you covered with our 200 Series Alpha Suspension Lift Kit.

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Looking to take your Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series to next level of ride and comfort while lifting your vehicle we have you covered with our 200 Series Alpha Suspension Lift Kit. Alpha Shocks come with res brackets and all the required mounting gear. Along with various extras for you to completely kit your 200 Series.


LC200 Series Alpha Suspension Lift Kit Inclusions


Ironman Upper Control Arms – JMACX recommends these for any lift in a 200 series. A key feature identified by the FEA testing was the amount of deflection seen between the OE component and the Ironman UCA, with the Ironman arms being 3 times stiffer than the original equipment, resulting in significant increased handling and feel of your vehicle as the suspension cycles.

Rear Adjustable Panhard – Used to correct axle shift on lifted vehicles. Produced from maximum thickness steel bar, and fitted with ultra tough and flexible rubber bushes. Precise adjustment via a fine pitch thread with locking nut.

Diff Drop Kit – Diff Drop Kits are application specific and supplied complete to get the job done. The bolt-on kit corrects the geometry on the front driveshaft and CVs, lowering the front diff by approx. 25mm, thus reducing the angles the CV joints need to operate on and avoiding the expensive replacements of CV and boots.

Rear Lower Trailing Arms – Heavy duty in car adjustable lower arms saving time and money on alignments and suppling an effective fix to the common pinion angle issue with lifts above 2 inch in 200 Series Landcruisers.

Extended Sway Bar Links – For Non KDSS and Non KDSS models to Suit your 200 Series with a 2 or 3 inch Lift. Designed to maximise the benefit of Roll Control Adjustable Sway Bars and be used in place of that hard to find OEM link.

Sway Bar Relocation Brackets – This kit is highly recommended when fitting suspension & lifting the vehicle, as this puts the sway bar out of alignment on KDSS Vehicles. This innovative product from Blackhawk will adjust & correct angles created when you have installed a lift by lowering the mounting position of your sway bar down to the correct position needed to improve ride & handling

Rear Coils – To suit your desired lift height and load weight to get your LC200 where you need it to be.


200 Series Alpha Shocks Construction


JMACX Manual Adjustment Alpha Shocks are the standard adjustment of the Alpha Shock range while still maintaining the premium quality and performance. The manual adjustment Alpha Shocks provide up to 32 levels of adjustment depending on valving in the specifications of the shock. The JMACX Alpha Shocks are easy to install by a competent person and when the vehicle is stationary the adjustment is made easily by hand via turn of the adjuster cap.

Electric adjustment + in cab control available at authorised facilities.


Designed for the 4×4 market – Thousands of hours invested in R&D to provide a premium product with ultimate performance on and off road.

True 2.5″ bore shocks – True 2.5 inch (63.5mm) internal bore. Many claim to be 2.5″ yet they are often 2.5″ external body diameter.

Premium construction – CNC machined from steel body. Cerakote ceramic polymer finish / T6 billet alloy providing maximum corrosion protection.
4785 Psi rated hoses and fittings.

Shaft – 4140 hard chrome faced microcracked 22mm shaft polished for increased lubrication and longevity. Pressure active shaft seals

Range of adjustment – Up to 3 times the force of adjustment than other aftermarket shocks allowing for greater variation of adjustment.

Piston and Valving – CNC machined piston performance port configuration. Variable rate shim stack enhancing vehicle damping performance.

Mounting – Unlike competitors our spherical bearings in Alpha struts are sealed and greaseable preventing premature failure.

Springs – Made in Australia designed with custom spring rates for various vehicles while maintaining vehicle load carrying capacity.

Australian Made – Materials sourced and machine all within Australia. Support network nation wide no matter where you are.

Built in bump zone – This protects your vehicle from damage and provides more control as the shock approaches full compression, increasing damping force to combat suspension bottoming during high-velocity suspension movements

OEM Style bushes – Made from better quality materials while maintaining softness for ride quality, daubable enough to handle tough conditions for extended periods of time.

Sealed and greaseable – Unlike our competitors, the spherical bearings in Alpha struts are sealed and greaseable protecting from the elements and preventing premature failure.

Tuneable – Shocks can be revalved (finely tuned), serviced and fully rebuilt  to your requirements as every car weighted different.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 60 cm

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