200 Series Twin 3″ Exit 4.5L Turbo Back Exhaust

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Torqit’s high-performance Toyota Landcruiser Twin Exit Exhaust provides maximum power, torque and fuel efficiency.

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Torqit’s 3” Twin Exit Performance Exhaust for the 4.5L 200 Series shows why we are renowned for our Landcruiser range, delivering the perfect mix of sound, performance and quality. Whether towing, touring or daily driving, our twin exit exhaust has been designed for maximum power and torque, and adds serious grunt to one of the most capable 4WD’s on the market.

Manufactured from 304 grade brushed stainless steel, this twin exit system is fully mandrel bent and up to 2mm thick. The three-bolt, laser cut flanges are also produced in 304 grade stainless steel, and are welded inside and out for extra strength. The thickness of the steel prevents cracking when traversing rough terrain, plus creates a deep V8 grumble. This 200 Series exhaust comes standard with a muffler; however an x-pipe option is available if you would like to further amplify and deepen the note. The x-pipe redirects the exhaust gases through a less congested path and balances out uneven exhaust pulses. This increases the sound output while reducing back pressure and improving engine efficiency.

Bolting onto the back of the turbo, Torqit’s Twin Exit 200 Series Performance Exhaust follows the path of the factory exhaust, and exits left and right at the rear of the vehicle through 3” tailpipes. High flow catalytic converters help improve the flow of gases, and double braided flex bellows reduce strain on the system and absorb excess movement and vibrations. The blue titanium dump pipes on our turbo back systems are unique to Torqit, and help disperse heat and lower the Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs). Titanium is a tough, low-corrosion metal with extremely high heat resistance and a long lifespan. By effectively dispersing heat and cooling rapidly, it keeps the engine bay cooler and protects the engine and its components. As one of the thickest and most durable mandrel bent systems of its kind in Australia, the twin exit 200 Series exhaust has been designed to help your vehicle breathe better and live longer.


  • Brushed stainless steel tube up to 2mm thick
  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel
  • Fully mandrel bent system
  • Internal and external welds
  • Three-bolt laser cut flanges
  • Heavy-duty wrap around brackets
  • Stainless steel resonator/muffler
  • Double braided stainless steel flex bellows
  • Titanium coated dump pipes to support heat dispersion
  • High flow diesel specific catalytic converter
  • Deep note without cabin drone
  • DIY bolt together install
  • Ten year product warranty

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 175 × 43 × 43 cm

X Pipe Louder, Muffler