JUST AUTO’S – 79 Series Clutch Upgrade – With Flywheel



Just Auto’s clutches are consisting of high-quality engineered components designed to withstand the toughest conditions for off roaders all around the world. Our constantly evolving fleet of test vehicles allows us to design, develop and test products in house.

Release bearings:

High quality temperature and load resistant release bearings have been designed specifically for use in all applications. The high quality GCR15 alloyed steel used in these release bearings is designed to prevent wear and hold increased operation temperature and force.  The Nitrite rubber seals along with the high temperature bearing grease keep any containments and moisture out.

Pressure Plates:

All performance pressure plates have high quality QT450-10 Nodular ductile cast iron pressure plate castings. These high-quality castings are thermally resistant in order to prevent deformation or cracking in high thermal loading conditions. The burst resistance of these castings is much higher than grey cast iron that can be dangerous in high thermal loading conditions at high rpm.

Friction Discs

Friction materials used on Just Auto’s clutch kits are high a high-quality matrix of resin, glass fibres and copper woven together to produce a highly burst resistant friction material with high fade resistance. Double drill patterns are used in some applications to increase burst strength further and increase reliability.


Replacement flywheels are made from Nodular QT450-10 cast Iron with heat treated ring gears or in some cases 4140 Chromoly with a one-piece ring gear. Both materials provide a high strength wear resistant fiction surface that can be re-surfaced and re-used multiple times. Where applicable different flywheel masses may be offered to cater for different driving conditions.

Pilot bearings

Manufactures own brand of high-quality pilot bearings and bushes are supplied to ensure that nothing is missed when fitting a new kit. Bushes are made from sintered porous oil impregnated materials where pilot bearings used GCR15 alloy steel and NBR seals to keep contamination out for a long life.


Direct Bolt up onto existing Flywheel – Engineered to replicate the OE physical specs which eliminates any engine balancing issues which may occur by modifying the geometry or rotational mass on these engines/drivelines.

Cover has 1300kg clamp cover – delivers high end torque

OE style disk – Superior vibration dampening properties with the OE style disk provide. Premium quality Hub and friction material.

Improved Slave cylinder – Maintains the OE pedal feel and take up point that may be compromised with a 1300kg clamp pressure plate.

Release bearing – Premium quality OE style bearing used to maintain correct attachment and working angle.

Pilot/Spigot bush – Heat treated, and oil impregnated for a set and forget fitment.

Bolts – All pressure plate and flywheel bolts are higher spec than OE and are blackened 12.9 high tensile grade and come as part of the kit where required.

Multi Drilled Flywheel

Please note this kit contains a Multi-drilled flywheel. Multi Drilled Flywheels have multiple pressure plate bolt patterns on them to suit different clutch kits. It is important to check which holes to use for your particular clutch kit before fitting the dowels/ installing the clutch.

Lay the pressure plate on the flywheel and rotate it until all dowel holes and bolt holes correspond with holes on the flywheel, ensuring pressure plate bolt holes are threaded and dowel holes are a straight bore.

Some kits will come with different size dowels. Ensure you press in the correct dowels for the cover supplied in the kit.

Note: Some Pressure Plates will only bolt up in one orientation.