JMACX RAM DS 1500 Suspension kit


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JMACX RAM1500 suspension kit


Jmacx has now put together a high-end suspension kit for the RAM1500 that will be able to support up to 4200kg vehicle .

This kit features 28 stage king 2.5” diameter shock with external remote res Made from high-quality materials and precise tolerances these shocks have been custom valved to suit the soon to be available 4200 gvm upgrade from Jmacx. Also utilising new heavy-duty upper control arms to suit the lift of 2-3inches and airbag man in coil airbags to assist with load levelling.

Note: this kit does not give you a GVM upgrade but will be used in our upgrade once it is brought to market so if you are looking for a suspension upgrade and possible gvm upgrade in the future this would be your pick.


Kit includes:

King 2.5 adjustable remote res front strut 28 stage adjustable

King 2.5 adjustable remote res rears 28 stage adjustable

Airbag man in coil kit

Heavy duty upper control arms

Rear Custom rate rear coils

Front Custom rate rear coils