JMACX/Fuel manager 2nd filter kit


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Modern diesel engines are equipped with advanced high pressure electronically controlled injection systems which can be easily damaged and the biggest enemy of this equipment is poor quality fuel, or more frequently contaminated fuel.

Whether it be water, microbial growth (bugs) or particle matter that gets into jerry cans or service stations in remote places  the cost of repairing damage caused by contamination in your fuel can be huge. A Common rail diesel  engine rebuild alone can cost over $15,000. So prevention is better than cure.

One way to provide the best protection to your engine is to install an additional fuel filter and water separator. All common-rail systems only have one factory filter, so installing the additional filter is an absolute must.



Designed to efficiently remove particle matter and water from fuel –  THE FUEL MANAGER Filter systems consist of a range of primary and secondary filters available in different lengths and micron levels to suit nearly every make and model diesel 4WD.

Fuel Manager options & variations are so numerous that they will meet any application but for our Diesel Care Fuel Filter Bracket Kits we have chosen to use the following:

Primary (Pre) Filter – 30 microns
Plumbed before your factory fuel filter. Rated at 30 microns and prolongs the service life of your factory filter cartridge.

Secondary (Final) Filter  – 2 and 5 microns
Plumbed after your factory filter as a last line of defence the secondary filter in both 2 micron and 5 microns for V8 applications will effectively remove any water or contaminants that make it past your factory filter.