ALPHA 2.0 Steering Damper – Suits 70 Series Landcruiser


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The 2.0 ALPHA Steering Dampener is a true 2” construction.  Many competitors claim this title but the reality is a scaled down version.

Created with IFP technology ensures this dampener is superior in its ability to keep your tyres tracking true and straight.  If the vehicles tyre size is increased, the stabiliser should be upgraded as 35” tyres are heavier and harder to control than factory tyres even in on road applications.

Unlike the budget Emulsion (these dampeners mix the oil with the gas charge) stabilisers which do not function well in horizontally mounted application, an IFP (Internal Floating Piston) stabiliser incorporates a second piston internal to the shock body known as the dividing piston.  This design keeps the oil and nitrogen separated.

When the nitrogen gas is separated it maintains constant pressure against the billet ‘floating’ dividing piston.  The nitrogen charge pressurising the oil cavity increases the heat tolerance of the oil whilst elimination  cavitation (foaming), which can occur on rough roads when the oil heats up.

Corrugations and pot holes can generate a ‘shimmer’ effect, the 2.0 ALPHA steering dampener boasts a T6 alloy 58mm body and 22mm micro cracked shaft alleviating and creating an effective steering dampening reaction.

The 2.0 ALPHA steering dampener is a direct bolt in fitment.  Also fully re-buildable and tunable to give you the ability to dial in as much dampening as you like.  100% Aussie made. Conquer those steering feed back concerns!  Mounting kit required to be purchased separately.



  • Large capacity 58mm body
  • T6 Alloy body which dissipates heat well 
  • CNC machined
  • Cerakote finish for durability & corrosion resistance


  • 50mm
  • CNC finished T6 alloy
  • Internal IFP reservoir separates shock oil from high-pressure nitrogen


  • 22mm
  • Micro cracked polish for exceptional seal lubrication


  • greased & sealed spherical bearing ends
  • CNC SA5 coated mounting kits (SOLD SEPARATELY)