The engineering and design from the Jmacx 6×6 and 4495gvm kit has been brought across and developed into the new standalone Jmacx 300mm chassis extension and brace kit this can be used with our bolt in coil conversion and standard leaf sprung vehicles. This kit has some major improvements over and above a traditional style chassis extension here are the key features:

      • Improved load carrying
      • Improved drive quality
      • Reduce chassis quiver
      • Improved weight distribution in your vehicle
      • Improved chassis strength for higher GVM rating
      • Improved handling on loaded vehicles

300MM Chassis Extension and brace kit added to a GVM kit $6950

300MM Chassis Extension and brace kit on its own with GVM kit $7500

Brace kit without a Chassis Extension $2500

Not all chassis stretches are the same:

 You may think the idea around a chassis stretch is to allow for a bigger tray to be fitted however this isn’t entirely the case, the main advantages of a chassis stretch is to move your differential rearward allowing you to bring your weight forward and correctly position your load over the rear axles if you where to put a bigger tray on this would defeat the purpose of a stretch.

The other aspect of a chassis stretch is how the vehicle is braced a lot may add chassis stiffener plates to their chassis to gain strength however this doesn’t address any bracing on the chassis for drive quality and chassis harmonics…

This is where the Jmacx kit stands out from the rest bringing you our engineered and tested bracing kit to give you that drive quality that no one else can. 


Don’t want a chassis extension but need better drive quality?

don’t worry we have you covered, this unique Jmacx bracing kit can be used without a chassis extension give us a call today to see how we can help your vehicle.



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